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Grant Application Form

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1. Name of the organisation making the application:
2. Name Cheque should be made payable to:
3. Name and address of contact:
4. Telephone Number

5. Objectives of the organisation:
6. a) Grant requested
  b) Previous grant if any
  c) Is the request for part or full funding of the project?

  d) If part funding, how will the balance be provided
7. Details of intended use of grant:
8. Is there any further information you wish to be considered with this application?
  Email Address

Notes to the applicant (the numbers match those of the questions asked)

  1. Please state the full name of your organisation as well as the name by which it is generally recognised if these are different.

  2. This should be someone who has a full working knowledge of the application details, and who would be available to attend a Parish Council meeting if required.

  3. This should state the basic functions of the organisation as far as the parish is concerned.

  4. The Parish Council has a limited budget available to make grants. Grants are not likely to exceed £300 and will only exceed £500 in very exceptional circumstances. Each application will be judged on its own merits.

  5. Please give a full description of the purpose of your project. You should be prepared to supply a breakdown of the budget for your project.

NB. Please include a Balance Sheet or Income and Expenditure Sheet for your organisation and the latest Bank Statement or your application will NOT be considered.


The Council has determined that groups/organisations will only be eligible for a grant once every two years.

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