Donnington and Muxton Neighbourhood Plan – Evidence Review and Early Consultation and Engagement Report


Report prepared by Michael Barker.

  1. Following the residents and business surveys I have been using the results together with the views of residents recorded at the three local consultation meetings to prepare the Evidence Review.
  2. So far I have prepared an account of the process setting out the various steps, describing what was done and when. I have also referred to the various documentary sources of information about the neighbourhood, such as data from TWC and other statutory consultees.
  3. I am now analyzing the responses received from residents and businesses, comparing the different answers and numbers of responses and from this trying to identify trends and preferences from what people have said. The aim is to identify clear objectives for the Plan and to understand what people want from their Plan. This will provide us with a number of planning themes and a broad vision for the neighbourhood that can be used to prepare reasonable and justified policies in the Plan.
  4. The recent Independent Examination of the Newport Neighbourhood Plan demonstrated how important it will be when the Donnington and Muxton Plan reaches that stage to be able justify the content of the Plan and demonstrate a link with what the community said during the early consultation. The survey evidence will also help us to set out the policies in a manner that can be easily understood and easily implemented by the planning authority. It will also be important that the effect of the policies on development can be readily measured through planning decision made by members and officers at TWC in the future.
  5. I am about half way through producing a draft Evidence Review document and expect to finish it over the next few weeks. I will then be able to present the document to the Parish Council so that it can be finalized and sent to TWC for their comments prior to publishing the Review for public consultation.

Michael Barker.


September 4th. 2018.

Library Closure

Due to construction work to extend the car park, Donnington and Muxton Community Library will be closed from Tuesday 29th May re-opening on Monday 4th June 2018. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Bus Route 5 Diversion 26th March to 24th August 2018

As a result of work by Severn Trent Water and the subsequent full road closure of Wellington Road, Muxton from its junction with A4640 (School Road) to The Whitehouse Hotel between 26th March and 24th August 2018, Bus Route 5 will be diverted as follows:

Towards Stafford: Along School Road, Donnington Wood Way, Marshbrook Way, Saltwell’s Drive, Muxton Lane, Wellington Road.

Towards Telford: Wellington Road, Muxton Lane, Fieldhouse Drive, Donnington Wood Way.
Stops missed are the Old Post Office and Breton Park.

Police request information to help track down serial graffiti “artists” spoiling the area of Trench and Donnington

Police are requesting information relating to the person(s) responsible for the graffiti tags blighting the areas of Trench and Donnington as seen in the photos in the attached link. If you know who is responsible please inform the Donnington Safer Neighbourhood Team at Donnington Police Station on 101. Continue reading

Futurefit – Shaping healthcare together

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